Homeschool: The First Week

the first week


Overall the first (full) week of homeschooling went very well. It was a bit exhausting and made time tight, but it went better than expected. Maybe that says something about how we expected it to go.

Homeschool: The First Week

We were able to get everything done we needed to. We don’t do some of the optional stuff and a lot of the current material is review from the end of last year.

I assume as the material gets harder we’ll be better at it so hopefully it will stay smooth. We’ll see.

I think the biggest struggle (for the parents) is patience. I continually expect the kids to focus the way I want them to. Eh, no. You explain how the Sumerians originally wrote in pictographs and the student’s question is about how much garbage can a garbage truck hold.

Great question, but a bit off topic.

I also may be a bit high on my expectations of how much they will naturally care about learning the material. 🙂

I need to work on:

  • patience
  • order of subjects in the day*
  • patience
  • making it fun
  • grace
  • taking breaks when necessary
  • patience

Again, it’s gone really well overall. It’s encouraging.

*  I think the order is important because math at the end of the day can be disaster when the mind is tired. But it takes longer so you don’t want to start with it and it feel like an hour in and you’ve only done one subject. We’re still feeling our way through.

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