Her (2013) – 5/5


Her (2013) – IMDb. Great movie all around. Really powerful w/o much cliche.

It brings up a lot of questions about love and what is ‘real’ – does it just require 1 person, if it’s just based on 1 person, is it still doomed to have the same struggles?

Are relationships best when there’s struggle? Do we need it? Is it perfected in the imperfections?

Or can a relationship only be ‘real’ if it’s 2 people?

Of course his emotions were real, but was it a real relationship? If so, then what’s the definition? B/c if it doesn’t require a body, conscience, soul, etc. then does it require communication? What else?

Anyway, it’s interesting to think about.


Ultimately, I believe in the end they found that they turned to other people (Theodore and Amy at the end) for comfort. Ironically, just another person being there w/o talking was comforting.

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