Haine, La (1995) – 2.5/5

Haine, La (1995) – 2.5/5

I liked that it was in black and white and I think the crafting of this movie was good technically, but I felt the story dragged on and on.


I kinda felt like I was just watching 3 punks go around, cause other people grief and trouble for no reason or benefit. If they had been a little younger I cd have written it off a bit more as just kids being kids – that type of thing. But as it was, they were just fairly useless people. Not b/c they were different or boisterous, but b/c they were very selfish, self-centered and hateful.

Ultimately, I think the last scene redeemed some of it (and my rating went up a bit) b/c they pointed out “it’s not how you fall, but how you land.” Showing that while it might not seem so bad how these people act, but what it leads to ultimately that matters – and I can’t imagine it landing well and it doesn’t as we see in the film.

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