Goin’ Solo: Email

an-e-mail-1215930-mOne thing about going solo is that your email can get mixed up. You have to decide early how you’ll handle email: all one account, two accounts but checked by the same email client, etc.

There’s a lot of doors that you have to hold off on opening b/c they’re tough to close. If you use your personal email for work, guess where that leads.

Or even if you use the same email client, when you check personal email you’ll see the “17” unread emails badge and know what’s waiting.

I actually DO use the same client, but sometimes I regret it. However, I’ve learned how to deal w/ it fairly well and either just not check email on off hours or try not to get worked up about it. It’s tough.

My recommendation is to setup a different account and use a different email client. Maybe use the Chrome browser for one email account and Firefox for the other. Or Outlook for one and a browser for another. Separate computers is a good idea too but harder.

Thing through how you’ll handle email on your phone too.

Similarly, think through other things to keep separate: phone number, adderss/PO box, online accounts: DropBox, Amazon, Paypal, etc.

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