God’s Video Game

marioworld_660Sometimes I think of life like a video game God made. It’s not a perfect 1-to-1 analogy, but there’s a point to it. He knows what’s coming and while there may be better/worse decisions and routes to take, He creates boundaries and obstacles and helps for us along the way.

In the end, it’s the obstacles that made it worthwhile. If it was just a straight shot without any challenges, what’s the point? No one would play that game.

I’m bad about making things about “getting to the end.” I have a hard time enjoying the journey. But I’m working on it – I’m trying to slow down, enjoy the ‘everyday’ things, appreciate the little things, etc.

I’m trying to see slowing down and enjoying things AS being productive. To see the journey AS the destination… in a sense.

It’s tough to balance it all: live in today but not at the expense of tomorrow. Plan for the future, but still be present now. Getting there is half the fun. Take time to smell the roses.

Everyone wants to BE in good shape, but not GET in good shape. Everybody wants to go to Heaven, no body wants to die.

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