Genesis 44-46 – Don’t Fight

Joseph’s brothers go back to Egypt and get more grain. Joseph has a cup put in Benjamin’s bag and they are caught “stealing.” Judah says to only take him (not Benjamin). This proves to Joseph that they have changed and love Benjamin. Also, it starts a shift from Reuben to Judah as the first-born leader.

Joseph reveals himself to his brothers and explains it was God who sent him there to provide (so don’t be afraid). He sends them back to get Jacob and the rest to come move to Egypt.

Among the instructions, one really stands out: v24 “Do not quarrel on the journey.” Why did he say that? What do you think they’d quarrel about?

Maybe they’d fight about who caused all of this (betrayed Joseph), maybe that person gets some credit in God’s plan, maybe about who gets what, where they’ll live, who Joseph likes the most, what they will do, how to best please Joseph, how much they love Joseph more than the others, etc.

It’s an interesting picture of God revealing Himself to us and telling us that Heaven is coming, go gather more people but don’t quarrel on the journey.

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