Genesis 41:38-43 – Dreams Do Come True

At age 30, Joseph is now in charge of Egypt and has two kids: Mannaseh and Ephraim.

He stores up grain during the 7 years of abundance and then famine hits. His brothers come to him (not recognizing him, it’s been a while) to buy grain but w/o Benjamin (b/c Jacob doesn’t want to risk losing Rachel’s other son, his now most loved son).

Joseph accuses them of being spies and sends them back w/o Simeon until they return w/ their youngest brother. Reuben offers to go back w/ Benjamin – he offers his sons as a guarantee: Jacob can kill them if Benjamin doesn’t come back. What kind of guarantee is that? What kind of DAD is that!?!?!

Jacob doesn’t want to risk his son – and he probably doesn’t trust Reuben too much after that concubine thing (v35:22).

Jacob declines. Sometime later, the grain is gone and they need to go back. Judah takes responsibility and they go back w/ double money and Benjamin.

When they left the first time and found their money in their sacks they thought “What is this that God has done to us?” They’re scared and hurting and blame God.

Each time they visit, they bow to Joseph (remember his dreams). And this time they dine in Joseph’s house, are told to be at ease, informed of the knowledge of the money, Simeon is restored to them, given water, have their feet washed, donkeys fed and they are fed.

This is what God is doing.

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