Genesis 32-32 – Jacob Sneaks and Stands

surveillance-camera-662944-mJacob knows Laban is “not friendly” toward him, but it’s God that tells him to leave. I like how Jacob explains and defends himself to his wives before they go.

The wives’ rousing support “Well, there’s nothing left for us here.” is enough to make you get all misty eyed.

They sneak away (Rachel steals the idols) and Laban chases after them. Though God tells Laban not to do anything to them.

Rachel hides the idols and acts like she’s menstruating (same word used in v28:26 as “practice” for when Laban gave Jacob Leah first – burn!) and can’t get up.

Jacob and Laban argue, but Jacob defends himself and his actions and claims that now God has judged! They set up a rock pile as a pillar and call it Mizpah – basically “God will be watching you so that you don’t come attack me.” Good buds!

In verse 55, Laban leaves and “kisses his sons and daughters” so it seems like his sons went w/ Jacob too!?!?

In 32, Jacob waits to meet Esau and once again he prepares, but he also prays. Of course then he wrestles and gets his hip torn up. Rough few days for Jacob!

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