Genesis 24:15-ch25 – Brotherly Hate

diced-meat-1328426-mGenesis 24:15-ch25 – Rebekah, Isaac Weds, Ab Dies, Jacob/Esau Birthright

The servant patiently waits while Rebekah serves – showing that not only will she say she’ll serve, but she does. She goes back w/ him and marries Isaac.

She has twin sons: Jacob and Esau. Jacob comes out second, but God tells her “the older shall serve the younger.”

Esau comes back from a hunt hungry. He’s so dramatic that he sells his birthright to his brother for some stew. That’s how shallow he is. It even says “he ate and drank, and rose and went on his way.” I can see him wipe his mouth, drop the napkin and walk off. He probably didn’t even think about his sale.

Jacob’s no better – way to love your brother. He takes advantage of his brother’s worn out state and cheats him. Brothers!

But this is one of the first examples of God using the “wrong” person. Later we’ll see it w/ Jacob blessing Joseph’s sons – he blesses the younger. Ultimately we see it in us – God blesses the Gentiles w/ the bless that was meant for the Jews.

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