Genesis 21-24:14 – Go Where the Women Are


Genesis 21-24:14 – Isaac Born, Offered, Sarah Dies, Rebekah

Issac is born and there’s issues btwn Sarah and Hagar. Instead of working it out and living w/ each other, Hagar is sent away (Ab listens to Sarah again, but only after God says it’s cool).

Ishmael doesn’t end up being a great buddy-nation so maybe they should have worked things out.

God provides a “well of water” to save Hagar and her baby – He tends to do good things by wells.

In chapter 22, God tells Ab to offer Isaac as an offering. Ab complies. Seemingly Isaac does too (or can’t this strapping lad take a 100+ year-old guy?). I can’t imagine how Ab could do that, but he’s been through a lot w/ God and it shows in his faith. I can’t imagine a bigger test and God doesn’t even say why – just offer your son.

Meanwhile, v 22:23, Isaac’s wife, Rebekah, is being prepped.

Chapter 24 – Ab sends his servant back to his homeland to get Isaac a wife. A. We don’t want any of these local girls. B. Isaac doesn’t really need a say in this – it’s up to God.

The servant goes, brings gifts and such (blessing and proof) and does 3 interesting things by the “well of water”

  1. Camels kneel – he’s ready to wait
  2. Prays – asks God to make things happen
  3. By the well – he goes to where the women are

If you want something, chances are you need to put yourself in a position to get it. The old story of the guy that prays to win the lottery and after a while God says “at least buy a ticket!”

I say “plant seeds and then pray for rain” (I’m sure I didn’t make that up). But do what you can, put yourself in a position for blessing. While you work, pray and wait.

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