Genesis 14:17-18:9 – He Laughs, Just Wait


Genesis 14:17-18:9 – Melchizedek, Hagar/Ishmael, Circumcision

Abram delivers Lot (and the kingdoms) and honors God before Melchizedek by tithing. Later we’ll see that Melchizedek is a ‘type’ of Christ to come: no beginning and no end, a priest of God.

God makes a cov’t w/ Ab and promises his blessing and children. Ab, tired of waiting, listens to his wife (uh, oh) and has a baby w/ Hagar: Ishmael. That immediately backfires – imagine that – and they send Hagar away. God sends her back and we don’t hear from God for 13 years. Boom! That’s a sure sign you messed up.

V 15:6 – Abram believes and God reckoned it to him as righteousness. Belief -> set as righteousness by God. It comes from God.

Now Ishmael is 13, bar mitzvah = grown up. Ab had to raise Ishmael and then God comes back and starts by reminding Ab that He’s still the same and so are His promises. “Ok, remember what I said. This time listen to My plan and trust it.”

He changes their names and gives them a sign to keep: circumcision. Basically, cut off the end of your tenders or you’re saying you don’t believe/want My promises. If you believe it, you’ll keep the sign. Yow. But a small price to pay. Get it? Small. Burn.

God tells Abram he’ll have a baby of his own. Ab laughs. Just for that, his name will be “He laughs.” Burn!

Ab circumcises everyone (action shows he believes).

Finally, chapter 18, has Abram resting, at peace. Waiting. Serving. Now God can act.

Abram has tried Lot, Eliezer and then Ishmael – he’s trying to figure out how to make God’s plan work, but he needs to just believe, rest and wait.

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