Genesis 11-14:16 – Back to the Beginning

Genesis 11-14:16 – Babel, Egypt, Delivers Lottower-of-babel-ii-783853-m

When humans get together, there’s no (evil) thing they can’t do. God had to break it up. So much so that he then decided to “give up” on everyone being on board w/ the plan and focus on just one group.

He called Abram to a place and made the Abrahamic Covenant: land, seed and blessing. He told him to leave his family and home. He takes his family and settles in Haran (debatable based on Acts 7).

He starts well by building an alter, but as soon as there’s a famine, he flees to Egypt and lies about Sarai being his sister. Fail.

They kick him out and he goes back to “where his tent had been in the beginning” – Bethel. House of God.

He trusts in the division of the land w/ Lot – lot took what looked good to his eye. Then God showed Abram what he got and he was blessed to the point that when there was strife in the city, they come to the Hebrew – the “dusty one” living outside the city.

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