Garden State (2004) – 4.5/5

Garden State (2004)

I really like this movie. It’s extremely powerful and full of rich, emotional images.

I’m suspicious that some of the images are just that – images that are powerful even if you don’t know what they mean. Even they don’t really mean too much w/in the story.

I read that Zach Braff wrote most of it in college which explains a lot to me. Also, that he wrote it over time which tells me about the imagery – it makes me think he wrote down some powerful image ideas which he fit into the movie.

It’s a genius story of a guy realizing his life is passing him by. He’s waiting for something and realizes life is happening in the meantime.


I so wished, wanted, hoped for and expected a scene w/ Zach Braff at the mother’s grave w/ him somewhat mimicing the speech Natalie Portman’s character gave to her dead hamster, Jelly.

She says something like “Jelly, you were a good pet. I’m sorry I forgot to take the wheel out. Good bye. I hope you liked me.”

So he wd say something like “Mom, you were a good mother. I’m sorry I pushed you. Good bye. I hope you liked me.”

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