Fred Claus (2007) – 2.5/5

Fred Claus (2007)

Vince Vaughn was his usual self, but it felt a little worn/forced/played out. Kevin Spacey didn’t do himself any favors.

It’s fairly predictable and trite, but a lot cuter than I expected. I figured it wd be more irreverent and crude and it wasn’t.


Not that it’s a completely bad idea, but the message of “even the bad kids sd get a toy for Christmas”… let’s just say it’s questionable b/c I’m not sure how far they’re trying to take it.

I only have an “issue” w/ that b/c it cd be based on the idea that “really no one is ‘bad’ and down deep we’re all good” or no one is really responsible for what they do (like in the case of Clyde – he didn’t get a present b/c he was bad… but b/c he didn’t get a present he was bad… huh?) or “who’s to say who’s ‘naughty’ and who’s ‘nice’ – who can judge?”

Haiku Summary

Bad big bro needs cash
lil bro Santa, needs help too
Christmas miracle!

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