First Day of Homeschooling

first day of homeschooling - pickle


Today is the first day of homeschooling so there’s a couple possible outcomes… 1) It goes well or b) this is my last post ever.

First Day of Homeschooling


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first day of homeschooling - table

I was going to post about the things we got in preparation for the start, but it really wasn’t much. We got a couple folding tables to use as desks. These have adjustable height legs so we can keep them shorter for smaller legs.

We already had a ton of folders, notebooks, loose-leaf paper and such from past years so we’ll hold off on too much more.

We also got a whiteboard. I’m debating about getting Apple TV so we can use iPads and such and display them on the TV as a modern “whiteboard.” That way if we use the iPad for a lesson or similar, we can share what we’ve done.

first day of homeschooling - whiteboard

We had a hard time coming up with our school name. So far we’re calling it “Pickle Academy” – we’ll see if it sticks.

I drew a pickle on the whiteboard and in true school-fun fashion it was quickly defaced and made to be kicking a chicken. First day! (FYI, that’s a second, brown pickle below him someone drew copying the first.)

We’re skeered but we’re also excited and hopeful of the idea of investing in our kids this way and having more flexibility to travel and such.

I’m going to be teaching some of the specials (Bible, art, music, technology and maybe Spanish). Mo will teach the others – in particular P.E. (Kinesiology degree from TWU!).

I’ll teach our older son all his subjects and she’ll teach our younger. That way we don’t have to switch back and forth and worry about timing/waiting on each other. Also, it means I could take him with me somewhere for the day to teach.

We’re using books/curriculum for most things, but I’ll probably do my own thing for technology. I may try to post about it, but I’m afraid that take too much time. The problem is posting the explanation of concepts – what’s a computer, hard drive, “file”, database, etc. I can’t really write all of that out – just too much time.

I thought about recording it (video or just audio), but I doubt I’ll do that. I’m actually foregoing a lot of things this year in the name of sanity and wisdom. So unfortunately I’m not sure I’ll be able to share that???

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