Fearless (1993) – 4/5

Fearless (1993) – 4/5

I really like this movie, but it’s hard to say exactly why. Well done, but I’m left just a little confused – like I missed a really powerful message. Maybe I did or maybe I didn’t, but think there’s more to it.


My basic take on it is that Max faces his fear of death and overcomes it. Then he has no fear and lives life as he wants… most of the time. A couple times he has to face it again and overcome again.

He feels like a “ghost” and that he’s already faced death and won. But I think he eventually realizes he wants to live again and tells his wife he wants her to save him.

He then eats a strawberry which he used to be very allergic to and either has a reaction or chokes. I think he chokes. She saves him and then “he’s alive.”

So did that restore his love of life or…???

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