Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed (2008) – 4/5

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed (2008) – 4/5

I think this is a good and well made documentary about the denial of any alternate theory to the origin of life besides Darwinism.

They take a great approach across the board imo. They talk about the freedom of speech, cases of people being ostracized or disciplined for discussing/publishing/etc. Intellectual Design, talk to experts on all sides, etc.

I feel that any non-liberal documentary has a really hard job to not seem biased b/c they’ll get attacked (as opposed to Michael Moore movies). The great thing about this documentary is that it doesn’t promote ID (though it might seem to), it just questions why it can’t be considered.

Unfortunately, I have a feeling this movie is mostly “preaching to the choir” b/c anyone against ID (or just set on Darwinism w/o question) won’t see it.


Even Richard Hawkins seems to agree that it’s possible and he’s the lead guy against it. But that it can’t be God, etc. Illogical. Or that it has to be from an alien life-form (uh, then where did they come from?).

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