Exodus 31-33 – Knowing Over Learning

handheld-tools-1047008-mIn 31:1-6 God describes (even some by name) the people He wants to work on the tabernacle and materials. He even enables them and “filled him w/ the Spirit of God” which is uncommon in the Old Testament.

Sometimes I think we concern ourselves more of the prep work than what work we’re call to. Maybe it’s a human thing – I don’t know what I’m going to be doing so while I wait, I’ll get training.

Nothing wrong w/ training – at all. You learn more, it might show you your “calling,” etc. And certainly I’d expect these craftsmen had been doing this type of work already. It’s not like God say “Frank will work on the lamps.” and suddenly Frank was an expert gold molder. Yep, that’s what the technical term is – gold molder. I’m 85% sure of that. God cd do that, but I don’t think He did and I don’t think He typically does that today.

I’m getting away from the point. The point is NOT: don’t get any training until you have a calling.

My point is – sometimes we need to be concerned with what we’re going to do and then get training.

A better way to put it might be – be more concerned with following God than preparing yourself to follow God later. Or spend more time getting to know God than getting to know about God.

Also, consider Hebrews 13:21

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