Exodus 29-30 – The Best for God and No One Else

cooking-1424521-mGod continues to describe the materials of the tabernacle and priests. How the priests are to be consecrated, the design of the altar and related materials, etc.

And He points out at the end of the chapter 30 about the oil and incense that if you make any like it for yourself, you shall be cut off from your people. So God gives a recipe for these things and then says – and don’t make any for yourself like this.

So basically the recipe is meant for things for Him only. It uses the “finest” materials too. So my guess is, this is the best recipe using the best ingredients and it’s only meant for Him. Nothing else is good enough for Him and it’s too good for you (or at least it would be cheapened by giving it to you).

So if I picked up a date for a dance and gave her a beautiful bouquet of flowers and then turned around and gave one just like it to a complete stranger on the street. It could mean that I’m very loving to everyone I know, but it could also mean that I really don’t have any more thought or affection for my date than a stranger.

Poor analogy? Maybe, but you see the point.

Give your best to God, but also reserve your best for God.

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