Exodus 26-28 – As Unto The Lord


whats-behind-934020-mGod is very particular about how you deal with Him in the Old Testament. In the New Testament Jesus even teaches us how to pray to God.

But in the Old Testament we see how He wants His “house” to be designed. It’s specific, by skillful (divinely enabled) workers, with precious materials and beautiful.

It might be a practical thing in a sense, but He intends for it to be beautiful with gold, silver, fine twisted linen, etc.

The same goes for the priests’ garments – there’s a lot to it both in appearance and purpose. When God designs something, when He gives instructions, it’s best to follow them… carefully.

Often Christian things (art, TV, movies, etc.) tend to have a lower production value. Part of it is b/c they don’t tend to have the funding. Also, it can be done by the “wrong” people – a Christian gets an idea for a TV show and just does it w/o finding the skilled people necessary.

We can do thins from the heart, but sometimes leave out the brain.

He has gifted us with a world of beauty and creative minds to explore it and a heart to worship Him. When it says to “work as unto the Lord” think about the designs He gave for the tabernacle. If you were working on that, you’d take your time and get the appropriate skills and materials before starting.

We should do the same w/ all of our work – as unto the Lord.


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