Exodus 23-25 – God Cares about Beauty

almond-in-blossom-4-992225-mBesides laws, God gives fairly detailed designs for the sanctuary, ark, table of showbread and the lamps.

Particularly He gives details for the almond blossom branches for the lamps.

The sanctuary is where they’ll meet. Specifically at the ark. Specifically at the mercy seat on top of the ark. They have a place (fellowship) and also a table for bread (food) and they have lamps (light). Seven lamps – number of completion – He gives light to the whole world.

What stood out to me was His attention to the almond blossoms on the lamps. That’s about all He talked about for the lamps. It seems it was more important to make it clear how many they are to have.

To me, it’s a great picture of how not only does He care about details (and we sd follow them), but that He cares about beauty, craftsmanship, art and quality… and I guess there’s something special about almond blossoms. I just looked them up (attached one to this post) – they are very pretty!

I often get bogged down w/ practicality – and I can justify it in millions of ways – but God takes time to enjoy, to pay attention to beauty and ensure it’s included. I need to take note.

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