Exodus 16:22-ch19 – Pay Attention

goa-1425739-mSo the people have food to eat (manna) but then grumble about not having something to drink. God provides, via Moses, water from a rock. He can make water no matter what. It’s good to bring your concerns and wants/needs to God (prayer), but no need to grumble and complain. He’ll provide.

Amalek fights against them and the war is won as Moses keeps his arms raised. God has ways we don’t understand all the time but when we follow them, victory! And we often need the help of friends: Aaron and Hur.

Jethro comes to Moses w/ Moses’ wife. I’m not sure if Jethro is coming b/c of his own desires (he hears they plundered Egypt, etc.) or to support Moses or b/c he sees that God is the true God and wants to worship/serve.

But he gives Moses good advice to split the responsibilities up by teaching more people. Sometimes we need someone from the outside to show us the way – use your brain, be pragmatic and allow others to serve. It can’t all be one by one (or few) people.

They get to Mount Sinai and God explains He’s going to come down on the mountain. Repeatedly He explains the people need to consecrate themselves and not do on the mountain or they will die. There are multiple warnings and instructions – I think He realizes they need to be babied a bit. But it’s for their own good.

We need to always pay attention to God’s ways and certainly His words. He doesn’t give us these things for His entertainment. It’s pure gold and for our own safety. If we’d listen and obey, we’d see that and, hopefully, get better at trusting and faith.

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