Exodus 14-16:21 – Dry Land

clay-1427225-mPharaoh pursues the people, God’s plan seems as aimless wandering – that’s how it looks to us a lot too.

But (v13) we usually just need to wait and keep going forward and He will provide our salvation. Unfortunately, the Red Sea is what’s ahead so we need to keep moving towards what seems our death while we wait. Er, that’s hard for us little humans.

But He says they’ll go thru on ‘dry land’ (He repeats ‘dry land’ many times in the coming verses… making a point?).

Of course, He divides the waters, saves the people and defeats the enemy. And they went thru on ‘dry land.’ How? He’s God, if you can understand everything about Him, He’s not a very big God. Not that we sdn’t seek to and not that we just throw up our arms and win every argument w/ “He’s God” but there are times.

Moses sings a song to God and three days later it’s a different kind of “dry land” – no water to drink.

He takes life (a tree) and makes what is dead/bitter (Marah water) and makes it sweet. Can you think of other death He’s made sweet w/ life He sacrifices?

He promises to keep His people separate and safe from the diseases and such in the area. He likes to keep His people clean.

In chapter 16, they complain again missing the meat they got to eat in Egypt. God promises meat in the evening and bread in the morning. When they see it, they call it “manna” (“what is it?”) and ask what it is.

We too often don’t know God’s provision when we see it. But, like manna, we each get what we should, we each get enough (but usually not more than that) and anything extra needs to be shared. Also, if you trust in it (keep some for the next day), it won’t work. Each day you have to trust God that He’ll provide again.

As much as I might not like manna, I’d hope that I’d learn that He’s going to provide and He’s always there. But even the Israelites don’t and they have God there as a pillar talking w/ Moses. Humans. We’re so small.

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