Exodus 11-12 Signs are for Us

one-way-street-1428072-mGod starts a lot of things in these chapters: New Year, Passover (lamb and feast), Unleavened Bread, blood on the doorposts and redeeming the firstborn.

After Passover, Pharaoh not only lets the people go, he tells them to bless him! Don’t worry, this change of heart won’t last long.

It’s been 430 years and the group of 70 people from v46:27 has grown to 600,000 men plus women and children. Probably about a million or more.

There’s some interesting points about the Passover plague…

You take an unblemished (perfect), lamb (cute), keep it for 2 weeks (get close to your new pet) and then kill it. Each house has it’s own (personal) unless it’s too small (not exclusive). It’s indoors and not shared w/ others (individual) and doesn’t include foreigners (chosen).

You take hyssop (used for cleansing), dip it in blood and put it as a sign on your doorpost for the Lord to see and “pass over.” It’s a great picture of Jesus’ blood on the whip protecting us from God’s wrath and justice.

However, why does God need a sign? Doesn’t He know? I believe these signs, feasts, etc. are all for us. They glorify Him, of course. But it’s for us to see, understand, remember, declare and our actions show our faith.

He leads them not by the Philistines – too scary. They aren’t ready for that.

Then, once they’re out, He leads them by a very visible pillar. Lit at night even.

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