Everyday Genius Household Ideas You’ll Use Alot

We’ve see all the other lists of genius ideas. Here’s another series to try out…

1. Excellent Decorant – use old TP rolls for an excellent, decorated egg displayer.





2. Banana Hammock – use clothes pins to hang your bananas – elegant and functional.








3. PermaNote – laminate those temporary notes with clear tape to make them permanent. Great keepsakes!






4. Box Cutter – wrap that broken glass in cardboard to protect your hand and have a handy box cutter.



5. Black Sand Zen Garden – use coffee grounds to make a relaxing Zen sand garden. Far out!








6. Keep it Germ Free – use old tea candles to rest your silverware in the restaurant to keep them off the table and clean as can be. Use two if you’re a real germaphobe.








7. Tie Hang – use a worn out hanger as a separate place for ties!








8. Car brush – use worn out toothbrushers for a carwash! Never cleaner.



9. Workout Gloves – use old puppets as workout gloves. Maybe they’ll even have something encouraging to say to you.



10. Pizza Time – make a special address sign out of a box when you order pizza to make it easy for the driver to find the delicious target!









11. Game Holder – when a water cup is all used up, don’t throw it away. Use it for extra storage of game pieces or school supplies.



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