Duplicity (2009) – 3/5

Duplicity (2009) – 3/5

As opposed to “Hud”, I’m not sure this movie deserves a 3, but I’m not going to over analyze the rating.

I thought this movie was creative, original and I liked the flashbacks about their relationship. It had some clever comedy and intricate storyline, but ultimately I think it’s missing something. I’m not sure what. Maybe something to make me care about the outcome.


I was never sure if one of the spies was going to screw the other one over, but I didn’t really care either. I think I cared more about “what is the product” than the relationship. And w/ the twist at the end, I was still like, “Oh, ok.”

One thing that I did like was the speech about “corporate evolution.” Here we have two people that can somewhat represent people in general: we all want to be loved, accepted and believe we can trust the one we love. These two continually test each other in this.

But the corporation has evolved to the next level in not only trying to win or beat the competition, but to entice them to cheat and get a false prize. It has evolved beyond the human relationship.

But in the end, I just didn’t care that much about what happened so…

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