Du rififi chez les hommes (1955) – 4/5

Du rififi chez les hommes (1955) “Rififi”

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An interesting movie, but it didn’t seem to build enough on its strengths: the characters.

UPDATED: Thinking more about this movie and given time, I believe I appreciate this movie more for the same reason as before too: the characters. The heist itself is a work of art that at the time I didn’t appreciate. More in spoilers.


I enjoyed the scenes of the robbery: no dialog, intensity, etc. But then the story turned to the kidnapped boy, etc. I liked that turn, but too much time was spent on the robbery that was fun to watch, but didn’t build. Update: I was wrong here – I didn’t appreciate the heist for what it was: artwork and the payoff of who these characters are: professional and skilled. Great stuff! Blueprint.

Haiku Summary:
Men want diamonds.
They rob store, boy is kidnapped.
All die, the boy lives.

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