Drea Weber’s Shoes P90X3 Triometrics

Drea’s Shoes – Click to Enlarge

I’ve been trying to figure out what shoes Drea is wearing in P90X3 Triometrics. I can tell they are New Balance, but I can’t find what they are???

I found a few online that might be them, but maybe a newer version.

If you know the exact one, let me know. But here’s what I found…

UPDATE: A helpful reader posted a comment (below) that it’s the WT610 (I think he’s right).



nbwx1012New Balance WX1012 – these look the most like running shoes of the group and the coloring is off, but they have a similar design.

Also, they are the most expensive of the ones I found.


wx577New Balance WX577 – these don’t have any reviews and look like walking shoes. They are less $$$ than the WX1012.

They have a ‘manmade sole’ – what does that mean?




New Balance WX867 – these have the best reviews of the 3, (potentially) cost the least and look the most comfortable and light.

Of the three, these look like something I’d see in a P90X3 workout.

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