Doubt (2008/I) – 4.5/5

Doubt (2008/I) – 4.5/5

Great movie, well made and acted. Nice twist given what wd be expected to come out of Hollywood for a story about Catholic clergy.


Too many things to analyze and talk about in full, but a few things to mention.

Of course, Aloysius is pretty bad and seems led by serious judgement problems possibly from the death of her husband or just an extreme sense of needing to control things and mistrust. She certainly doesn’t embrace any chance or progress in the church.

However, even Flynn states they are the same in the sense that they have failed, laid their sins at Jesus’ feet and there they stay.

It’s interesting how she condemns and breaks the rules to exact judgment on the priest, but makes considerations for the near-blind nun who sdn’t be there.

As we see in the end, she is riddled w/ doubt herself (which Flynn states a) you’re not alone and b) it binds us together). I had to wonder if maybe she faked her confession of doubt to Sister James just for that purpose.

We’re left on our own to make our decision of what really happened, but Aloysius has certainty based on almost nothing. Scary.

I loved the gossip sermon and it’s so true – once that gets out, it’s near-impossible if not impossible to overcome it. I’ve dealt w/ that personally and it takes a long time to overcome what someone might say in error, spite or ignorance.

There’s some bonus features on the DVD which are good – talking to the actual nuns. While it’s based, or better inspired, by a real Sister James, the events are fictitious. But it’s great to hear them talk about the changes after the Second Vatican Council and how the Sisters of Charity got started (and the origination of the “habit”).

Apparently, when the founder of the Sisters of Charity lost her real husband in Italy, she went over there. Her caretaker over there dresser her in high-class mourning garb. When she returned, it was about all she had so she kept wearing it. Other nuns followed suit and it became a “habit.”

I think being a play before the movie and having the same man driving it all the way through benefited the story and it’s evolution and growth. Also, the actors really shined.

The wind is a great device both in imagery and dialog.

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