DIY Pegboard for Exercise like American Ninja Warrior

diy pegboardI wanted to make a pegboard like Tony Horton and American Ninja Warriors use. I’m cheap so I wanted it DIY. I’m happy with how it came out…

DIY Pegboard

I went pretty simple for now and decided to attach it to our play-set in the backyard. I was going to put it on the wall in the garage but I knew I’d be kicking the wall the whole time.


  • 1 2×10 – I got a 12 foot board and had them cut it in half
  • 1 1×4 – just a couple boards to attach it all
  • 1 1-1/4″ boring drill bit
  • 1 1-14″ dowel – cut into 7″ (approx) pieces depending on your hand size, etc.
  • Drill
  • screws




Drill holes about 6 inches apart horizontally and 2 inches apart vertically. Feel free to get a bit more creative with it.

I did three lines of holes – I lined up the top and bottom line of holes and did the middle line in between.


I used 7″ pieces of 1×4 to screw to the play-set.

I placed them so that the outside edges are 6 feet apart (i.e., the length of the peg board).

attach it

After drilling the holes, I screwed the board into the 1×4 boards…

attached diy pegboard

I inserted the dowel and based on how far it went and my hand, etc. I cut it into 5 7-inch pieces…

IMG_6062I tried to go across the pegboard and failed miserably. I’m going to blame the fact that I had been working on the pegboard and other chores in the painful Texas heat. 🙂

However, I put all the pegs in to use it that way until I can work towards the real deal.

diy pegboard

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