Deuteronomy 24:15 – Good Business

Be honest w/ people you work with “so that he will no cry against you to the Lord and it become sin in you.”

Also, ch 25 verses 13-16 talks about dealing honestly in business: don’t have two sets of weights, differing measures, etc. “that your days may be prolonged” or you will become an “abomination.”

In other words, it’s better to just be honest in your business dealings than to have God against you.

God provides and has been faithful (see Egypt, etc.) so trust Him in this too. The alternative is to have God against you and that’s just bad across the board!

Trust in Him regardless. Better to let something go that you think wd make you more money/success and trust in Him. He can bless in any situation and besides, just having Him is the real blessing.

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