Cobra (1986) – 1/5

Cobra (1986) 1/5

Horrible. Just really bad: bad acting, dialog, action, premise, story, what-else? You name it, it’s bad.

However, it’s quite enjoyable since it’s so laughably bad. Watch w/ friends and have a great time!

Enjoy Sergeant Gonzales trying to shoot a gun as if you throw the bullet out of the barrel. Get a kick out of Cobra cutting a piece of pizza w/ a pair of scissors (that’s how tough guys eat pizza). Watch Cobra use a TV remote like Gonzales uses a gun. Wonder why the axe-clanking, suit-wearing gang allows every one of their members to die b/c Ingrid sees one of their members (why does he just stand there when she sees him?) instead of just getting rid of the member she saw???

It’s a piece of art that makes a few social commentary highlights on the direction of our society. Or, it’s garbage.

Best line: Hard to call, but “There’s a magic word!?” is awesome.

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