Cloverfield (2008) – 4/5

Cloverfield (2008)

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While this movie may not be the best, they get a lot of credit for being original in certain ways: camera action (handheld, but not “Blair Witch” too much), no star actors, “realism” w/o being campy, etc.

The special effects were great and watching some of the behind the scenes stuff made me realize they put a lot of thought behind so much of it all. From the monster design to the camera angles, they did this thing intentionally regardless of the outcome and I admire that.

When you’re shooting w/a lens like they did, you miss a lot so they had to plan things out accordingly which isn’t common or easy. Also, they did a lot of things in long takes which is great.

The little flashbacks on the camera were a great touch.

Haiku Summary
Boy loves girl, but a
monster is attacking. He
finds girl but they die.

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