Click (2006/I) – 4.5/5

Click (2006/I)

This is a very touching and moving movie to me. Maybe b/c it’s an idea that’s close to my heart of not wanting to waste a minute (though I don’t consider staring at the wall or other such ‘unproductive’ activities necessarily a waste if done properly and chosen for purpose).

It’s powerful for me to see someone miss out on such important things as your kids lives.

I think they do a great job of building the story and intensity and consequences of his choices throughout the movie.


I felt the end was really powerful. I’d hoped he wd have said to his son either at his wedding or later at the hospital “You’re fired.” to make a point.

Also, I felt the ending after the ‘reveal’ was too long – I felt it lost the emotional steam it built up from earlier. I think they sd have just had him go home, grab his family and tell them he quit his job or something. No need for details really. I guess they felt they needed to lighten the mood at the end, but I wish I had been left/dropped w/ the feeling before he woke up. And the remote from Morty at the end wasn’t necessary either.

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