Children of Men (2006) – 4.5/5

Children of Men (2006): “No children. No future. No hope.”

Great movie, great directing – the amazingly long shots w/ so much action and choreography were amazing.

The story was good, but it was so well told. The idea that the world is infertile (lost) and there comes a child (savior) through a unwed woman (virgin) and needs to be taken by a man to a safe place to have the child, etc. Strong Christology there, but some points are off and I can’t tell how much is intentional, interpretation, manipulation, etc. (the child is a girl, etc.).

No biggie, but I just wasn’t sure if they were being original or had an agenda.

The technical aspect of the shots they got in the car, during the chase, etc. were so great.

What a great film to just watch, enjoy and appreciate.

Haiku Summary:
No more babies born
A girl gets pregnant, needs help
baby born in rowboat

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