Chapter Topics: Numbers

numbers-1301415-m1 Census
2 Camping
3 Levites as Priests, Firstborn
4 Duties of Levites
5 Defilement, Adultery Test
6 Nazirite Vow
7 Offerings of the Leaders
8 Lamps, Levites to Serve, Retirement
9 Passover, Cloud
10 Trumpets, Camp Moves
11 Complaints, 70 Leaders, Quail Plague
12 Miriam and Aaron Jealous
13 Spies and Lies
14 People Rebel, Moses Pleads
15 Sacrifice When Entering the land, Sabbath
16 Korah Rebellion
17 Aaron’s Rod Buds
18 Duties of Levites and Priests
19 Red Heifer Sacrifice
20 Death of Miriam/Aaron, Water from a Rock
21 Bronze Serpent, Sihon, Bashan
22 Balak Sends for Balaam
23 Balaam Oracles: Blessing, Might
24 Balaam Oracles: Conquest, Messiah/Star, J’ment: Gentiles, Jews, Israel
25 Sins with Midianites, Phineas
26 Numbers the New Generation
27 Daughters of Zelophehad, Joshua Appointed
28 Laws for Offerings
29 Seventh Month Feast and Festivals
30 Law of Vows
31 Slaughter of Midian, Division of Booty
32 Reuben, Gad, Manasseh in Trans-Jordan
33 Review of Journey, Drive out Canaanites
34 Dividing the Land
35 Levitical Cities, Cities of Refuge
36 Daughters of Zelophehad and Inheritance

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