Chapter Topics: Deuteronomy

deuteronomy-1330907-m1-4 Journey Reviewed
5 10 Commandments Repeated, Moses as Mediator
6 Obey and Prosper
7 Warnings, Promises
8-10 More Review, Tablets Rewritten
11-12 Blessings, Curses for the Land
13 Idolatry
14 Clean and Unclean Animals
15 Sabbatic Year
16 Feasts and Festivals
17 Justice for People
18 Levites, Spiritualism
19 Cities of Refuge
20 Laws of War
21-22 Moral Laws
23-25 Cleanliness, Divorce, Laws
26 First Fruits
27-28 Curses on Mt. Ebal, Blessings on Mt. Gerizim
29 Palestinian Covenant
30-31 Moses’ Last Counsel, Joshua Commissioned
32 Song of Moses
33 Blessing of Moses
34 Death of Moses

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