Boys Don’t Cry (1999) – 2.5/5

Boys Don’t Cry (1999)

It’s a “true story” though I’m not sure who the source is???

I had a hard time w/ this movie given it’s subject matter and my beliefs. Not only that, but I genuinely didn’t like nor respect the characters much.

I will say they handle it generally in an honest and non-glamorizing way. Also, they don’t over do too much to sway the audience’s opinion. On the other hand, that left me wondering what they were trying to communicate???


Given the only people in the movie were either dead or part of the murders, I’m not sure who told this story. I think one person was left, but I’m not sure there’s much reason to trust her.

A truly sad story on all sides: a sexually confused girl, clearly confused two men (given they rape their friend when they find out she’s a girl), confused girls in love w/ a she-male??? It’s messed up.

Trying to make a sympathetic character out of someone who is running from the law and everything else (nature!), is a tough sell. Granted, some can pity her confusion, which I do, but it doesn’t make me identify w/ her any more.

I’m afraid it may have simply left me thinking that ignorant people do ignorant things w/ other ignorant people in an ignorant way that only leads to ruin.

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