Bob Goff – “Love Does” – Book Review

love does - bob goffI saw a quote from “Love Does” by Bob Goff on a friend’s feed and was convinced I should read it. I got it quickly and read it quickly. It’s one of my favorite book formats – each chapter is another adventure/topic where someone shares something personal and translates it to a spiritual lesson.

Bob’s book is full of whimsy both in concept and the word – he loves that word. 🙂 I believe he lives in a love of others to and beyond his (fairly substantial) means. I say that b/c he seems to be able to spend a good bit of money on whimsical things.

However, I think there’s a point there that can be missed. It’s not b/c he’s a multimillionaire (that I know of), but b/c he’s dedicated to not holding on tightly to money. I felt this was evident when needing to make a final “head of state” trip w/ his kids, he mentions they sold the truck to pay for it.

Regardless, if he was a billionaire, he’d do more. If he were poor, he’d do less (as far as costs), but I believe the concept still holds: use what you have to love others.

If nothing else, “Love Does” can show you the attitude of another person w/ other means, location, finances, past, experiences, etc. I think it always helps to broaden your views when you see into the soul and thoughts of another and Bob is a good one for that. bob goff

I read his book while “in the mountains” and I like to refer to this mountain as “my mountain.” So Bob’s opening thoughts on “his island” really resonated w/ me. I don’t want to have an office for many reasons and if I get out to his area, I’d love to share his island for a day. 🙂

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Bob Goff mentions Don Miller a good bit and I got his book “Storyline 2.0” which I read (listened to) quickly too. It’s more of a workbook/system/website. I intent to post about that soon.

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