Blood Diamond (2006) – 3.5/5

Blood Diamond (2006)

Very intense and powerful film. They held back and it’s still hard to watch.

This is the way to do a political movie: don’t beat people over the head. Show them what’s happening and let them make their own conclusions. When it’s well done, the choice is obvious.

I think people might watch this movie and, if anything, be more cautious about buying diamonds or maybe even not buy them anymore. However, everything we buy is sending a message.

If you buy these diamonds, you might feel guilty about the people that died or were hurt in getting it to you. But similar is true for other purchases: when you buy from a company you are endorsing their practices even if you don’t know what they are.

WalMart, like many companies, pretty much has sweat shops around the world. You’re supporting that. CITGO is the U.S. subsidiary of Venezuela’s state-owned oil company. JPMorgan, Chevron, Marriot and many other support Planned Parenthood. Ford funds many Gay/Lesbian groups. The list goes on. It’s pretty difficult to not be supporting one thing or another w/ any purchase when we know it or not.

Haiku Summary
locals die for stones
mercenary wants big rock
helps man get fam, dies doing so

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