Best iPhone 6 Case – Affordable, Quality, Style

There’s a billion, but which is the best iPhone 6 case? Well, of course a lot of it is going to be subjective. Do you like colors or clear? Bulky or slim? Water-proof, smooth, textured, wallet… a billion options.

My Best iPhone 6 Case Criteria:Best iPhone 6 Case

  • slim – I don’t like cases that make my slim, pocket-sized phone a lunky brick
  • price – I’m fine with paying for quality, but come on, it’s a piece of plastic
  • contour – It needs to blend well with the iPhone. I can’t cover the buttons or jacks or affect the camera.

I like the Ringke FUSION for the Best iPhone 6 Case.

It fits all of my criteria: slim, inexpensive and fits the phone very well. It’s even clear so you can see the design of the phone. Again, if I wanted a big phone with other colors, I’d get something else. I’ve always enjoyed the design of the iPhones so that’s what I want to see and feel.

I don’t get this way with many products, but I’m an iOS developer and I spend a lot of time with these devices. I want to optimize the experience.

Also, it has little dust covers for the headphone jack and lightning cable jack. Honestly, I might wind up cutting these off. I’ll give it a try.

For the above reasons, I think it’s the best iPhone 6 case.

From the Amazon listing

More About Ringke FUSION Case

World’s clearest and hardest hybrid case, the Ringke FUSION is completed with an anti-scratch coated PC back. The transparent background provides slim and crisp view of the device. Ringke FUSION has a tapered lip and lifted camera bezel that raises your phone to a comfortable height off the surface, keeping the phone safe and protected.
Ringke FUSION is designed to keep your phone protected in everyday use. The TPU cushion absorbs the shock to keep your phone protected.
There are four-point rear defenders on the back. The rear guard props the cases safely above surface to keep your device free from any harm. Ringke FUSION help the responsiveness of your phone’s buttons while maintaining the slim design with full access to all functions and ports. The Active Touch design of Ringke Fusion will help you to use your device easier and protect it at the same time.

Use the guiding template (DIY tool) to design and define your own case. Capture and share your best memories, hobbies or important people. Ringke FUSION will be unique, only for you!

No more tiny dusts out to attack your phone!
Attached Dust Cap: Ringke’s more details to protect your phone!

We paid attention to every details when it comes to protecting your phone.
All you have to do is simply pull on the caps when using the ports on your phones. Have the caps closed to keep the dusts out.
The bump on the cap needs to be fitted into the hole on the case to keep the caps properly closed.

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