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best inventory appWhen we had a cafe, this app was super helpful in managing inventory and placing orders. It worked just how we did inventory and I think it’s the best inventory app for restaurants.

We had a system of running inventory – write down the number of items we have for a given product (e.g., 3 jars of apple filling). Another column listed the order threshold for the number of jars. When the number of jars went below the threshold, we ordered.

This inventory app works that way.

Best Inventory App

You enter your items and the details including cost and size of order (e.g., 2 cases). The threshold setting allows the app to know when to order something. Then just run inventory and any items below the threshold get marked to be ordered. It uses the ‘Quantity’ setting to know how much to order (e.g., you have to order 6 at a time).

OR you can leave the Quantity at 0 and it will order up to the threshold. So if your threshold is 10 and you have 6, it will set to order 4.

Other great features that make OrderGuide the best inventory app…

Webserver – there’s a built in web server IN THE APP. You can start the web server and then go to it with the browser on your computer. That way you can enter inventory items with a regular keyboard. Much easier when you’re adding many items at once.

Inventory Report – If you want to just run a report of the full inventory you can see what you have in stock. You can email or print it out.

Distributors – You can set up various distributors and run inventory for each one separately. If you have an email address for them, you can mail the order right to them from the app.

Online Backup/Sync – You can back up your data online which is cool, but what’s better is that you can use it to sync across devices. That way your managers and you can share an account and each see the current inventory as the others run inventory. There’s also a notes are to share notes back and forth. NOTE: This feature is only available as a paid upgrade and only on the FULL version (not upgraded Basic version).

There’s also an import/export feature if you just want to keep a backup or move to another device. It’s done via email. See the site for details.

Check out OrderGuide as I think it’s the best inventory app out there for restaurants.


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