Battlestar Galactica: The Plan (2009) (V) – 3/5

Battlestar Galactica: The Plan (2009) (V). – 3/5

A 3 is a little generous -not much here.


This is kind of a retelling of the story from the Cylons’ perspective – at least from Brother Cavil’s perspective. It takes him from the beginning where ‘the plan’ was to wipe out humanity and they failed.

Then thru the story, he learns it was a mistake. There’s probably some deeper info that goes into it, but I just don’t want to take the time.

On one hand it wasn’t too bad so “new’ BSG stuff is cool (though this isn’t all “new” – the story is the same, much of the content is just footage from the series, but it’s a different perspective and there is some new stuff). One downfall, imo, is that you see the story (most of the story) in a very short time period which had an interesting effect…

It made me see it as a little silly how Chief Tyrol first was messing around w/ Boomer, then she tried to kill Adama, then Tyrol hated her, then she redeemed herself, then married Apollo, then… something like that. It was just funny to be reminded of the labyrinth of relationship changes throughout the series all at once.

Anyway, it was ok, but also kinda rewrote history a little (kinda like how the second Matrix movie changed some things for the first). I wdn’t really recommend it, but…

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