“Battlestar Galactica” (2004) – 5/5

"Battlestar Galactica" (2004) – 5/5

My new all-time favorite sci-fi show. Yep, more than ST, ST:TNG, Quantum Leap, etc. Amazing. Hard to believe it myself. So great.

Maybe it’s just the freshness of it, but this show beats them all.

I’ve been watching these for a few months now so I haven’t posted much. I’ve watched seasons 1,2,2.5 and 3 and also the movie btwn seasons 3 and 4 “Razor” and they’re all great.

The writing is awesome – best ever. They succeeded where XFiles and so many others have failed: they’ve held it together and avoided the cheap tricks and gimmicks other shows have to rely on after writing themselves into a corner.

The action, drama, sci-fi, everything is so on! This thing fires on all cylinders and doesn’t back down on anything. Great in every way!

The first part of season 4 comes out on DVD next month and I hope to TiVo the new (last 10) episodes this Spring to finish it out.

I’m excited to see where it lands, but bummed to see it end. I heard of a spin-off they’re going to do when it’s over, but I can’t imagine it will be good unless they use the same team… which I can’t imagine they will.

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