Batman Begins (2005) – 3.5/5

Batman Begins (2005) Good action, good characters and mostly good acting.

Lots of big names.

Mainly I think they did themselves (and us) a favor by not making it a typical “superhero movie.”


I think the only thing they didn’t do well was establish the villian. First it was Chill, then Falcone, then Crane, then Earle, then Ghul.

And I don’t mean to get technical, but a microwave emitter strong enough to vaporize the city’s water supply wd boil people alive at the same time.

So I guess Dr. Crane was also “The Scarecrow” – maybe that was another Batman villian like The Joker, etc. Not sure??? However, they did a decent job of making *that* villian not too comic-book which fit the movie well. However, it was a bit goofy w/ him and the mask and all. At first, I thought it was a gas-mask of sorts b/c of the drug he sprayed, but I think it was just a sack. The bad part is how he was handled by the female lead. Weak.

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