AthletixSports: Acute-FX PreWorkout

Unlike High-Volume, Acute-FX has caffeine. What’s cool about this is, you can use both. They’ve very different. Use one, use the other, combine them.

I know the head of quality at this company and he explained how you have you have to be very careful b/c of what some supplement makers put in their products.

I tend to stick to name brands so I feel fairly safe, but it’s something to be aware of.

Regardless, he confirmed w/ the formulator of these preworkouts that using them together was a big part of the reason for their formulas being so different.

My experience w/ High-Volume was really good and adding Acute-FX was great!

I open the capsules and mix it w/ water. I’d like to see the product have the option of a scoop route sometime, but it’s not a big deal.

I’ve been able to more accurately take different amounts of AcuteFX b/c of the capsules. As I’ve mentioned, I’m sensitive to caffeine so if I’ve had coffee already one morning, I might take one fewer capsule or similar.

I’d rate AcuteFX’s results right up their w/ Jack3d and 1MR, but w/ more control in what I’m getting by using separate products like High Volume.

Depending on what you do, the cost may be more or less.

Athletix took note of these two pre-workout categories and made them into one…the first ever pre-workout capsule with flavored powder inside the capsules! That’s right…if you want the experience of drinking Acute-FX it’s as easy as separating a few capsules and mixing with water. Want to take a few capsules on the go? You’re all set.

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