Aquaponics Starter Kit – Getting Started, Starting Small

aquaponics starter kitGetting started with aquaponics can be interesting but confusing. I wanted to post and recommend a good aquaponics starter kit…

Aquaponics Starter Kit

Things to know…

* Fish waste is the food for the plants 

Just like manure is great for grass/plants.


* The plants breakdown the waste and thus clean the water.

This balance is important so you don’t want the fish to be too big/many which would make too much waste for the plants. Nor do you want them too small/few to not produce enough for the plants.

When balanced, you feed the fist and the water stays clean and the plants grow.


* Hardy fish are bestaquaponics

The levels of ammonia and such from the waste can be harmful to the fish when not balanced. For this reason, hardy fish are best like bettas or guppies.


* Environment: Temperature and sunlight can be important

Sunlight is good for plants but can affect the balance of the nutrients in the water. Similarly temperature can affect it. Ideally keep it around 80F for best balance.


* Plants: Start Small

I’d recommend starting with an herb garden to keep the size small. parsley, basil, cilantro, etc.

aquaponics starter kit
Aquaponics Starter Kit


I recommend starting with a kit to get your feet wet. It’s how I like to start (like Mr. Beer when starting to brew beer).

The Back to the Roots AquaFarm is a good all-included type kit. It even comes with a coupon for a betta fish.

There was some negative feedback and they’ve redesigned version 2…

  • New version now includes silent, submersible water pump and 360° view
  • Self-cleaning fish tank that grows food
  • Fish waste feeds the plants; Plants clean the water
  • Everything you need to get started, including water pump, organic seeds and a discount coupon for a Betta fish
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA

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