Amazon Fire or Stick – Research and Review for Purchase

amazon fire or stickI’ve been reviewing my current video solution and considering something like the Apple TV, Roku, ChromeCast or Amazon Fire or Stick. My criteria might be different than most…


I want to go with something that I feel comfortable has similar interests in where I want it to go. I’ll keep it simple and say that by that criteria alone I’m down to Amazon Fire or Stick.

Too many others eliminate Netflix or Amazon and those are the two I want most.

I use a lightning-to-hdmi adapter to connect my iPhone to my TV so I don’t really neapple lightning to hdmied Apple TV. Apple TV sounds nice but I saved some money and got a solution that shouldn’t go out of date. Plus, it’s easier to travel with, etc.

Amazon Fire or Stick

From the research I did, the main difference (besides price) between the Fire and the Stick is “horse power.”

The differences in the device aren’t as many as it seems. The Fire has more connections: ethernet (faster connection), optical audio, etc.

Along these lines, the Fire might have a bit more power, but that seems to be mostly beneficial with playing games. Not only is that not a priority for me, but it’s also something that can get amazon fire tvoutdated faster.

The Fire also comes with the premium remote which include voice search which I don’t care about.

So for what I’m looking for in functionality, simplicity, price and longevity, Amazon Fire or Stick is best and the Stick edges out.

It’s cheaper, does everything I want, is still simple and I like Amazon’s direction on things compared to some others (Google primarily).


If you have a similar solution or interesting take on what criteria to use, let us know in the comments below. Thanks!

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