All That Jazz (1979) – 3/5

All That Jazz (1979) I think maybe this movie may be dated (for me) somehow. I think when it came out, it was probably ripe for the time period and lifestyle. However, now it feels more like a commentary on the seventies.

I thought it was well acted, but I had problems w/ the production feeling dated and the musical numbers felt strange: is it a drama or a musical? Maybe both which cd be cool, but I’d say they didn’t pull that off.

Also, the message felt a little trite, but again, in 1979 it might have been a bigger deal.

I did like the ending since it wasn’t typical – that’s all I’ll say. Though I think they cd have played up the affect on others more.

I have to say I think this movie is probably better technically than I can appreciate: the music and dancing and time period lose something in my eye as I’m not trained.

So while I feel like this movie is probably very ‘good’, I can’t give it too high of a rating for me.

WARNING: Nudity.

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