Acts 2: Community, One Mind, Fellowship,… ug.

diversity-3-833853-mI’m still doing my wide-margin Bible reading plan. I just finished the Gospels and am in Acts. I read Acts 2 this morning about the early church and their community and oneness. It ends talking about their being of “one mind”, breaking bread from house to house, taking their meals together, gladness, sincerity of heart, praising God, etc.

I was thinking how great that sounds and how much it sounds like Heaven. Everyone sharing all they have. Focusing on learning about God, praising Him, hanging out for meals, etc.

For a split second, I wanted to do something about it. Then I looked outside and saw a dog. Someone’s dog is on the loose. My mind was quick to not be so “Acts 2” about it. “Who’s letting their dog roam around loose? I bet he’s going to poop on that  lawn… or cross the street and poop on mine. Man, if…”


I’m really quick to want Acts 2 when it’s fun and pleasant. But when there’s any inconvenience to me… if we all sell our possessions and share everything, that’s great if I’m benefitting. But if someone else needs help, I’ll be the first to think they don’t deserve it or I don’t want to give it up or… I’m just selfish.

There’s 2 sides to every coin so I realize that the same reason I might be frugal also makes me stingy. Or the thing that makes me judgmental also makes me discerning. But as long as I’m human, I’ll be selfish… but struggling against it.

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